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8 Weird Facts About Apples We’re Sure You Won’t Know

No, I am not going to repeat the same old phrase that an apple a day keeps… you know the rest! But there are some very interesting facts about the humble apple that you may have not known. This juicy red fruit which most of us consume on a day to day basis has so many secrets. Start by knowing these eight weird facts about apple. 1. Why do apples float? Apples can float because 25% of their volume is nothing but air. This air makes it become less dense than water….

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Vine Users’ Phone Numbers, Email Addresses Were Briefly Exposed, Twitter Reveals

If you might remember, Twitter converted Vine into a dedicated camera app earlier this year. Shortly after, the company made Vine Archive live to help users see all Vines available on the site since 2013. While this was a noble idea in theory, it turns out that a bug that affected the Vine Archive potentially exposed the phone numbers and email addresses associated with Vine accounts to third-parties in certain conditions. Twitter has clarified that the bug in question affected the Vine Archive for less than 24 hours and has…

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The Nutrient You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Are you getting enough choline? Chances are, this nutrient isn’t even on your radar. It’s time choline gets the attention it deserves. A shocking 90 percent of Americans aren’t getting enough choline, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Choline is a hot research topic and for good reason. It’s essential to health at all ages and stages, and is especially critical for brain development. Why aren’t we getting enough? Choline is found in many different foods but in small amounts. Plus,…

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