8 Weird Facts About Apples We’re Sure You Won’t Know

8 Weird Facts About Apples We're Sure You Won't Know

No, I am not going to repeat the same old phrase that an apple a day keeps… you know the rest!
But there are some very interesting facts about the humble apple that you may have not known. This juicy red fruit which most of us consume on a day to day basis has so many secrets. Start by knowing these eight weird facts about apple.

1. Why do apples float?

Apples can float because 25% of their volume is nothing but air. This air makes it become less dense than water. Thus, it will float on water. It is a matter of pure science.

2. John Chapman’s Apples

The famous folklore character, John Appleseed was a real person who planted apple trees in different parts of the United States, not for the environment but for money! Back in the 1800’s, one could claim land by creating a permanent orchard on the same. So, he would plant apple trees and later sell his land. But John’s apples were not good enough to be had by themselves instead, they were served to people to make an apple cider.

apple cider vinegarJohn’s apples were used to make cider. Photo Credit: Istock

3. The accidental apple pie

Apple pie is not an American invention and in fact, it is native to Europe. The first apple pie recipe came from England in the 1300’s. But the fun fact is that you were not supposed to eat it’s crust. Back in the 1300’s, due to lack of a decent tin or container, a utensil made of lard, flour and water was used to make an apple pie but it turned out to be more delicious with that crunchy crust.

apple pie 620 The crust on the apple pie was not meant to be. Photo Credit: iStock 

4. Mythological secrets

The apple of the Garden of Eden is not the only presence of an apple in mythology. It has a unique significance in Greek mythology and Norse mythology as well. As mentioned in Iliad (Greek epic book), Goddess Eris, the goddess of chaos used thegolden apple to start the ball rolling for the Trojan war. According to Norse mythology, apples are the symbols of eternal youth.

5. 7500 varieties of apples in the world

Now, this is something big. There are about 7500 varieties of apple all over the world which means that it would take you 20 years approximately to try all of these that’s if you ever set out too.

6. Fear of eating apples

Yes, there is a such thing as the phobia of eating apples which is known as Malusdomesticaphobia. ‘Malus’ and ‘domestica’ refer to the scientific terms for the orchard apple tree. The fear is related to either apples or eating apples.

7. Time taken by a fully grown apple

It takes around 10 years for an apple seed to grow into fruit which is almost a normal life span of a cat or dog. Patience is what we need for an apple to grow.

apple 620x350It takes 10 years for an apple seed to grow into a fruit. Photo Credit: Istock

8. Apple seeds are poisonous

Apples seeds contain a deadly poison in it called ‘Cynaide’. Though, this poison is difficult to digest  and you will need to chew about 200 seeds or 10 apple cores in order to have an effect on you.

Sometimes things don’t appear as what they are, but it helps to know these weird ye interesting facts.





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