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Gwyneth Paltrow’s weird lifestyle brand Goop is coming to Netflix, so here’s everything you need to know

If she were an Irish woman, she’d be the type of person walking around sipping on a kombucha, with a yoga mat rolled up on her back, on her way back to gentrify Stoneybatter, where she’ll go home and read an article about the ways in which LSD can improve your sex life, while doing kegels. As we all know, she’s not an Irish woman, but she’s the exact type of person that a very particular type of Irish woman looks up to, mainly because of her batshit lifestyle brand,…

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8 Weird Facts About Apples We’re Sure You Won’t Know

No, I am not going to repeat the same old phrase that an apple a day keeps… you know the rest! But there are some very interesting facts about the humble apple that you may have not known. This juicy red fruit which most of us consume on a day to day basis has so many secrets. Start by knowing these eight weird facts about apple. 1. Why do apples float? Apples can float because 25% of their volume is nothing but air. This air makes it become less dense than water….

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