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Should You Invest in the Snapchat IPO? Read This First

Whether you’re obsessed with keeping your Snapstreaks going or have no idea what that means, you may be itching to invest in this week’s initial public offering of Snap Inc., parent company of the popular Snapchat app. The appeal is understandable. For users of the app, owning shares of a company you use every day (or hour) can seem like a good investment. For nonusers, the urban legends of get-rich-quick IPOs are exciting enough on their own. Of course, not every IPO is a success. And even if Snap gets off…

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Snapchat Redesigns App to Shift interest to Media Channels

Snapchat is remodeling its utility to make its media partners’ channels extra attractive to click on, in a circulate that could draw extra advertising sales. The channels, known as discover, are like mini cellular magazines on Snapchat run by way of media companions, along with BuzzFeed and Time’s humans mag. The startup slots commercials between the testimonies people can swipe via. however find out isn’t always the most popular a part of the app. whilst 150 million people visit Snapchat day by day, a discover channel may additionally most effective…

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