10 Healthy Breakfasts You Can Make for Under $1


Somewhere along the line, eating well came to mean spending a pretty penny. Maybe vegan cafes and pricey cold-pressed juices are to blame? Yet, thanks to cheap and wholesome foods (hello, eggs! We’re looking right at you), it’s actually quite easy to make a healthy breakfast for under a buck. The key to making a cheap breakfast? It’s all about being resourceful and welcoming food combinations that are packed with energy to provide enough fuel for the whole day. If you’re cooking at home, it’s totally possible to feed your body the right nutrients and vitamins, while saving money on breakfast.

The price gap between cooking at home and dining out is growing. Resorting to restaurants, bodegas, and cafes every morning is a sure way to go broke. They overcharge customers for the sheer convenience of preparing and cooking a meal. If you can justify the price after adding a bloody mary and tip to the bill, then be our guest. But for those of us with less cash, the basic act of making breakfast at home will save you money. Assembling your own breakfast may call for 15 minutes of your morning ritual, but it sure beats waiting in line full of hangry commuters. (Take that, rush hour.) Looking for cheap breakfast ideas? We got you covered.

1. Baked Egg Avocado

Half an avocado: 75 cents
One egg: 21 cents
Approximate total: 96 cents

Bake an egg in avocado for a breakfast full of healthy fats and protein. You may need to make room for the egg by scooping out some avocado (and immediately eating it, obviously). Crack an egg into the hole, add spices, and bake at 425°F for 15 minutes.

2. Coconut Oatmeal

One oatmeal packet: 21 cents
Half cup coconut milk: 30 cents
Banana: 20 cents
Approximate Total: 71 cents

Save time by reaching for a pre-measured oatmeal packet. Choose the plain kind; flavored oatmeal tends to be full of sugar and preservatives. Prep with coconut milk and top with a sliced banana.

3. Peanut Butter Banana Toast

One slice wheat toast: 19 cents
One tablespoon peanut butter: 35 cents
Banana: 20 cents
Approximate Total: 74 cents

This is a classic combo that never gets old. It’s also a chockfull of protein and fiber.

4. Banana Honey Waffles

One frozen multi-grain waffle: 38 cents
One teaspoon honey: 30 cents
Banana: 20 cents
Approximate Total: 88 cents

A mashed banana can replace butter and honey can substitute sugary syrup.

5. Egg and Tomato Toast

One slice wheat toast: 19 cents
One hard-boiled egg: 21 cents
Tomato slices: 30 cents
Approximate Total: 70 cents

Just slice, layer, and go. Save even more time by boiling a week’s worth of eggs on Sunday night.

6. Yogurt and Granola

Half cup of yogurt: 50 cents
One tablespoon granola: 26 cents
One tablespoon raisins: 22 cents
Approximate Total: 98 cents

Yogurt doubles as the perfect “base” for nutritious fixings. Choose the plain kind to avoid unnecessary sugar and food coloring.

7. Banana Pancakes

One banana: 20 cents
Two eggs: 42 cents
Approximate Total: 62 cents

These sweet two-ingredient pancakes are the best kept secret of the breakfast world. Simply combine in a blender and cook.

8. Ricotta Apple English Muffins

One multi-grain English muffin: 50 cents
One teaspoon ricotta cheese: 24 cents
Apple slices: 25 cents
Approximate Total: 99 cents

Low-fat ricotta offers a lighter take on the cheesy breakfast, while apples add just enough sweetness. Add honey and cinnamon for 32 cents.

9. Waffle Yogurt

One frozen multi-grain waffle: 38 cents
Half cup plain yogurt: 50 cents
Drizzle of honey: 10 cents
Approximate Total: 98 cents

Chop up a waffle and mix with yogurt for a no-fuss breakfast. Who says granola gets to have all the fun?

10. Cereal Yogurt

Half cup plain yogurt: 50 cents
Bran cereal: 20 cents
One tablespoon raisins: 22 cents
Approximate Total: 92 cents

Break the cereal tradition and use yogurt instead of milk. Opt for fiber-enriched cereal instead of the sugary kind.


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