Change Your Lifestyle or Face Infertility Problems: The Harsh Truth

What is Infertility

It is not very long ago that we humans started to adopt a different kind of living pattern than what we were earlier used to. Human evolution happens every million of years once but the lifestyle changes only a year or two. We are very good adopters of what is fancy out there – both good and bad and this has turned out to be the most problematic issue for most of us.

Starting from obesity to diabetes, the issues we are facing just because of our lifestyle is countless. Whatever advancements happen in science and technology, whether it is able to cure it or not, it is very important for us to understand the kind of problems we might need to face due to this.

Remember, with just a few changes in our daily routine, we can change a lot of things in our life and make it productive and healthy. Some of the best infertility treatment centers in Chandigarh have seen the sudden increase in the male infertility cases.

Let us look at infertility and how our lifestyle is causing this:

  1. Firstly, you should understand what is infertility and how this is affecting us. Infertility is a condition of our body which may or may not reverse and it is very subjective to each individual whether male or female.
  2. Infertility can reverse through lifestyle changes but it is highly time-consuming as your body functions do not turn overnight or in days.
  3. There are treatments available for infertility like IVF, IUI, and ICSI but their effectiveness is highly related to an individual.
  4. Drinking and smoking are said to increase the risk of infertility than any other habits. In fact, alcohol is said to kill the sperm cells even in a fertile man. Smoking is said to cause adverse effects on the reproductive organ by shrinking the size of it and also causes poor quality sperms.
  5. No one knows how much it is important to get a good night’s sleep which will help in repairing your dead cells which includes your fertility health as well.
  6. Being physically active is very important as it increases the blood flow throughout the body which is essential for regular functioning. Proper supply of blood is very important to keep the reproductive glands healthy.
  7. Food is the best medicine. It can change a lot of things without needing to take medicines. Eating at the right time will make sure your body gets the necessary nutrient supply without delay.
  8. Keeping your body cool and clean is also another way to make sure your fertility health is good. Heating below the abdomen like laptop usage etc will lead to the killing of sperm cells.



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