Guilt-free snacks you can munch in office

1. Healthy and delicious!

Once the clock strikes 4, no matter how filling your lunch has been, the hunger pangs start to kick in. So ditch the junk food and opt for healthier snacks. These recipes will keep you satiated for long while satisfying your tastebuds. These guilt-free snacks are packed with tons of healthy nutrients that will help your body shed those extra pounds and put your cravings on halt. Here are 7 healthy snacks you can carry in your office bag.

2. ​Mixed Sprouts Corn Chaat

Mixed Sprouts Corn Chaat is a spicy North-Indian dish. The main ingredients used to prepare this chaat are mixed sprouts, corn kernels, onions, tomatoes and spices. This vegetarian is a quick and easy-to-make dish and a healthy snack option too. You can have this chaat for breakfast or evening snack. This flavourful chaat would be relished by adults and kids alike. Garnish this delicious delicacy with coriander leaves and serve it to your loved ones. Try it!

3. Veg Curd Sandwich

Veg Curd Sandwich is an easy-to-make breakfast recipe. Made with hung curd and fresh veggies, this delicious and quick recipe can be packed into your kid’s lunchbox. Rich in fibre and proteins, this healthy recipe is also suggested for people looking forward to weight loss. You can prepare this easy hung curd recipe in minutes for lunch and even dinner.

4. Roasted Peanut

Spicy Roasted Peanut clubbed with hot ginger tea is a perfect evening option that everyone loves to enjoy. This easy-to-make snack recipe can be made in minutes and can be packed to road trips or picnic too. Try it.

5. Peanut Cucumber Salad

Peanut Cucumber Salad is a delicious Continental salad recipe. The main ingredients used to prepare this salad are roasted peanuts, cucumbers, coconut and spices. While cucumber makes this salad refreshing during summers, roasted peanuts and coconut add nutrition. Try this easy-to-make refreshing salad recipe.

6. Savoury Oats Veggie Pancake

Give your regular pancakes a twist by trying this Savoury Oats Veggie Pancake recipe which is filled with the goodness of oats and veggies! Oats is high in fibre and protein, and is recommended for those who are on a weight loss spree! This pancake recipe is truly amazing and is cooked using oats, carrots, green peas, broccoli, butter and ghee, and can be prepared in just 10 minutes. Try this healthy pancake recipe.

7. Egg Chaat

Eggs are a great comfort food and easy-to-cook too. Eggs can be modified into several enticing dishes are quick and easy-to-prepare. Prepared in just 20 minutes, this simple recipe is a great source of protein as well and makes for a great side dish as well. Since eggs adapt easily to any kind of garnishing, let your culinary imagination explore from simple to exotic garnishing. You can also add beans or leafy vegetables of your choice to this recipe to make it more healthy and exotic looking.







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