What’s the difference between stock and broth?

1. Are stock and broth the same?

They seem to be the same, but there are subtle differences between stock and broth not just in taste, texture and preparation method, but in usage too. Read to find out.

2. Stock has more calories than broth

Stock has high-calorie content as compared to broth. One cup of chicken broth contains 38 calories, while one cup of chicken stock contains 86 calories.

3. Stock mostly uses bones and veggies, broth uses meat

Stock is prepared by boiling bones or cartilage in water for hours, which allows the bone marrow and collagen to be released, making it nutrition dense and also full of flavours. In vegetable broth, a medley of vegetables are used instead of meat and bones. Broth is traditionally prepared by simmering meat in water with herbs and vegetables.

4. Broth takes longer to cook

Broth is cooked for a relatively short period of time on the other hand stock is cooked longer than broth, typically for atleast 7-8 hours.

5. They have different uses too

Stock is commonly used in dishes like gravies, soups, sauces, cooked legumes and grains whereas broth is used in dishes like casseroles, cream sauces, stuffings and stir-fried dishes.

6. You can drink broth, but not stock

Broth is more of a finished dish and can be consumed directly. But stock us mostly added in soups, gravies and other food items before being consumed.


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