Healthcare tips: Don’t let the heat kill you!

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Summer woes are hard to deal when the mercury keeps rising each day across the sunny belt. One main summer health problem is heat exhaustion which may lead to fatal heat stroke. The symptoms of heat exhaustion are dizziness, headache and fainting. When the symptoms are accompanied by skin dryness and high body temperature above 103 degrees Fahrenheit, it could result in heat stroke. Heat stroke needs immediate medical treatment. If not treated well in time, it may cause damage to internal organs permanently or even death. In such a situation, rush the victim to the hospital immediately.

Other health problems due to excessive heat in the body during summer are diarrhoea, chinkenpox, edema, muscles cramp and mumps among others.

Things to do to prevent summer troubles:

Stay in a cool place and keep your body cool.

Drink plenty of fluids and keep your body well hydrated.

Avoid going out in the hot sun or exposure to sun for long hours.

Stay and work indoors as much as possible.

Carry an unbrella, shades or wear a scraf when you step out in the hot sun

Wear light and comfortable cotton clothes.

Avoid drinking alcohol as it may increase dehydration.

Stick to home food and carry your own water to drink when you are out to avoid food poisoning.

If you are taking medicines regularly, consult your doctor regarding the risk as many medicines decrease the body’s ability to cool itself.

Heat rash in the body is another problem in hot weather. Blockage of sweat ducts on the skin causes discomfort and itching.

Use mild cream on the skin and cover your body with light clothes as much as you can.

Try to keep your body cool in all conditions. Home remedies are safe for mild summer-related illnesses but if the symptoms get worse, see a doctor at the earliest.




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