Why you should include Jamun in your daily diet

The humble fruit is loaded with nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, minerals, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, glucose, fructose and fibre.
There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do. The greatest threat to our lives and our well-being is our lifestyle. Ask people how they are doing these days, and the first word you will hear is “busy.” With modern busy schedules, it has become particularly challenging to find the balance necessary for overall wellbeing.

With today’s lifestyle people are more prone to risk factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, increased blood pressure and diabetes. While stress and the issues it brings along may not reduce, one may practice healthy lifestyle habits by eating right and increasing intake of certain fruits and vegetables. Jamun is one such fruit with superior health benefits which helps combat these lifestyle related diseases. All of us have childhood memories of this heavenly fruit, be it climbing up the tree to collect Jamuns or relishing its intense sweetness and the satisfyingly purple stain it leaves on our tongues. However, this sweet and sour fruit is not just great to taste, but comes with a host of health benefits such as treatment for diabetes, reduction of cholesterol, improved digestion, eye sight and skin.

The humble fruit is loaded with nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, minerals, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, glucose, fructose and fibre, which collectively work towards our overall health and wellbeing. Such active and demanding lifestyles demand choices that are not just healthy but convenient too. Jamun Juice is an easy yet healthy option to consume in order to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Some prominent benefits of Jamun are: –

Good for Diabetic patients: Jamun is known to be of special use in the treatment of diabetes. This fruit has anti-diabetic properties that converts starch into energy and keeps your blood sugar level in check. Diabetic patients can consume Jamun juice daily to keep a check on their sugar levels, which certainly helps to enhance the insulin activity and sensitivity.

Aids in heart disorders: Jamun is a rich source of minerals and antioxidants which proves to be beneficial to keep heart disease at bay. It also helps in preventing blood pressure, hypertension, stroke and other cardio vascular disease. Hence, regular use of Jamun helps in managing blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Aids in fighting cancer: Consumption of Jamun minimizes the risk of cancer as the fruit has several bioactive phytochemicals that include polyphenols. These polyphenols contain anthocyanin, the chemical known to fight cancer cells. Individuals that undergo chemotherapy or radiation sessions benefit significantly from jamun juice consumption. The anthocyanins, flavonoids, ellagic acid and gallic acid present in jamuns have an anti-carcinogenic effect on organs.

Improves digestion: Vitamins A & C are abundant in Jamun, which detoxifies our body and is also used to treat digestive disorders like diarrhea, dysentery, vomiting and irritable bowel syndrome. Jamun helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system due to its extremely soothing and cooling effect.

Eye sight: Jamun being a rich source of Vitamin C is good for eye sight. It helps the body to form and maintains connective tissue, including collagen found in the cornea of the eye. With these numerous benefits, it is suggested that one consumes Jamun daily basis for improved lifestyle. Unfortunately, the seasonal fruit is available in summers and not through the year; hence one may reap the benefits of Jamun in the form of packaged juice. Jamun juice is available in the market in hygienically packed Tetra Pak cartons which gives consumers the comfort of enjoying it whenever and wherever. The aseptic technology used in the packaging process safeguards the nutritive value of the juice from contamination and harmful exposure to the sun, light and air. The 6 layer packaging also maintains the freshness and nutritional quality while retaining exact taste of the juice. Moreover, they do not contain any preservatives and can be stored at ambient temperature for up to 6 months (if unopened). So go ahead and satisfy your taste buds all year round!!!


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