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SBI warns customers about fraudsters and fake social media accounts

SBI has been alerting its customers about fake apps, ATM frauds and fake websites. (Reuters)

New Delhi: State Bank of India (SBI) has advised its customers to interact with only verified and official handles of SBI to avoid fraud. In a recent tweet, SBI said: ‘Always check for the verified ‘tick’ sign before you follow, tag and interact with banking officials through their social media accounts.’

“Do not invest your time and money interacting with fake accounts on social media. Follow, tag and interact with only the verified, official handles of SBI, to ensure that your comments, complaints, and enquiries get adequately addressed and you are not scammed by fraudsters,” SBI tweeted.

Making a fake social media account has become very common. So, it is very important for a customer to spot a fake social media account when carrying out financial transactions.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

These are the verified and official handles of SBI for various social media platforms, India’s largest lender said.

Facebook: @StateBankOfIndia

Instagram: @theofficialsbi

Twitter: @TheOfficialSBi

Linkedin: State Bank of India (SBI)

Google+: State Bank of India

YouTube: State Bank of India

Quora: State Bank of India (SBI)

The bank has been alerting its customers about fake apps, ATM frauds and fake websites. With the rise in digital payments, cyber fraud has also increased. Several fake banking apps have sprouted that are fooling bank users and stealing their personal and financial data. With so much that is similar to the real app, users get swayed by these fake apps.



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