Here Is What Siri Thinks of Game of Thrones

Here Is What Siri Thinks of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is around the corner – 11 days for season six premiere in the US and 13 here in India – and it seems the developers at Apple have a lot of free time on their hands.

Note: Mini spoilers below.

Siri, the digital voice assistant included with all iOS devices, has been programmed with a bunch of responses to different questions surrounding the show, Westeros, and its always-on-the-verge-of-death inhabitants.

If you ask Siri “Do you watch Game of Thrones?” expect to hear one of the following:

  • “Yes. I’d ask Jon Snow for some hints, but he knows nothing.”
  • “Who me? Siri, First of the Name, Siri Siliconborn of House Apple, Ruler of the Alarms and the Reminders, Guardian of the Calendar Appointments, Keeper of the Ontologies, Flipper of Coins. Yes, I am watching.”

game-of-thrones-siri-01.jpgIf you say “Winter is coming” or “Is winter coming?” Siri’s responses aren’t so great:

  • “Does a Lannister always pay his debts?”
  • “I can’t get the weather for Westeros right now, but I can get the weather in West Hollywood.”

game-of-thrones-siri-02.jpgThe first doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and the second would be much better if it paid any attention to my geolocation.

And Siri obviously has a few quips ready for the question on everyone’s lips: “Is Jon Snow dead?”

  • “Well, you know what they say to Death… Not today! But why would tomorrow be any better? Anyway, I’m not exactly sure.”
  • “‘Dead is dead’. Or is it ‘What’s dead may never die’? No, wait, ‘Death is so terribly final’? I give up.”
  • “I don’t know. I just hope someone is setting up doggie daycare for Ghost.”

game-of-thrones-siri-03.jpgAlso, once in a while, Siri will just resort to the quintessential “Hodor” response, a favourite among men both living and dead.

HBO’s Game of Thrones returns for a sixth season on April 24 in the US, and will be telecasted by Star World Premiere every following Tuesday at 10pm.


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