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Do you fall asleep while binging on Netflix? You could be getting old

If it is common place for you to fall asleep while watching TV, or to groan while bending to pick up a magazine from the floor or forgetting people’s names quite often, then these are tell tale signs that you’re getting old. According to a research, choosing comfort over style and struggling to learn latest technology are a few indicators that you are ageing. In a research conducted by Future You, it was found that people consider joint pains and stiffness as one of the major signs of growing old….

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Struggling to fall asleep? Make a ‘to-do’ list before hitting the bed for better sleep

Having trouble falling asleep? Jotting down your “to-do” list just before bedtime can help you doze off quickly, scientists say. Researchers from Baylor University in the US compared sleep patterns of participants who took five minutes to write down upcoming duties versus those who chronicled completed activities. “We live in a 24/7 culture in which our to-do lists seem to be constantly growing and causing us to worry about unfinished tasks at bedtime,” said Michael K Scullin, assistant professor at Baylor University. “Most people just cycle through their to-do lists…

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