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California to be first state to provide healthcare to undocumented immigrants

California is poised to become the first US state to offer government-provided healthcare to some immigrants who are in the country illegally. State Democrats agreed on Sunday that adults between the ages of 19 to 25 should have access to Medi-Cal, the state’s low-income insurance programme. The measure must still be approved by the full legislature and be signed by the state’s Democratic governor. The $98m (£77m) plan aims to provide coverage to 100,000 people. To help pay for the plan, which is part of the latest state budget, lawmakers…

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California officials report hostages taken in ‘active shooter situation’ at veterans’ home

Google Maps An armed man took three hostages in an “active shooter situation” at a veterans’ home in Napa Valley, California, fire officials told the Associated Press. Reports of an active shooter at the Veterans Home of California-Yountville came in around 10:30 a.m., local time, a spokeswoman for the department told the San Francisco Chronicle . Residents are sheltering in place, she added. “The safety of our residents, workers and the community is our top priority,” the department said onTwitter . “We have activated our emergency response protocol and are cooperating with law…

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Soda Taxes May Spread if Voters Check Ballots in California, Colorado

As Americans vote for a new president on Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of voters in California’s Bay Area and Boulder, Colorado, will also decide whether they want levies on sugary drinks, another step toward making soda taxes a norm. Three cities in California – San Francisco, Berkeley and Albany – and Boulder, Colorado, have become the latest battleground in a so-called “War on Sugar” that centers on sweetened drinks. Over 800,00 voters will decide on ballot measures to introduce taxes of 1 or 2 cents per ounce on soft drinks…

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