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New framework looks at how technology is changing our cities

The Urban Land Institute, a non-profit grop creating sustainable communities, has launched an Urban Technology Framework to help cities advance into the next generation. The¬†Urban Technology Framework¬†has identified 12 current trends that will shape metropolitan hubs, the group said. This in turn, will help developers and architects who are responsible for delivering future cities. Key tech trends include 3D printing transforming the way we build, and the Internet of Things (IoT) progressing smart buildings from stationary structures to machines. Digitalisation will transform business models, causing the existing sharing economy to…

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How technology is changing rural China

Alex Wong | Staff | Getty Images An Alibaba employee demonstrates ‘Smile to Pay’, an automatic payment system that authorize payment via facial recognition In a nation of nearly 1.4 billion, ensuring there’s efficient health care and education is a tall order for China. Especially in some of the more remoter parts of the country. At the East Tech West conference in Nansha, Guangzhou, this week, business leaders, investors and experts contemplated how the country can effectively “equalize” these services for the whole nation. Indeed, the number of internet users…

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