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How technology is changing rural China

Alex Wong | Staff | Getty Images An Alibaba employee demonstrates ‘Smile to Pay’, an automatic payment system that authorize payment via facial recognition In a nation of nearly 1.4 billion, ensuring there’s efficient health care and education is a tall order for China. Especially in some of the more remoter parts of the country. At the East Tech West conference in Nansha, Guangzhou, this week, business leaders, investors and experts contemplated how the country can effectively “equalize” these services for the whole nation. Indeed, the number of internet users…

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How technology is helping Assam’s rural children learn better

Arifa, Afreen, and Shabana, class VIII students of Milan HS School in Banekutchi of Nalbari district, tied a plastic cover over a leaf of a small plant. The next day, observing the water droplets that had formed inside the cover, they learnt about the process of photosynthesis. Back in their classrooms, they found out from the internet how aquatic and desert plants survive and then prepared a multimedia presentation on photosynthesis of different types of plants. Kaveri Borthakur, their science teacher, says that project-based learning using technology has improved students’…

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handiest 10-20 percent Rural Indian ladies aware about Cervical most cancers

only 10-20 percentage of the Indian girls in rural regions have attention about cervical cancer, although it’s far the fourth most common cause of demise among women, said a survey. in step with the survey, an anticipated 62,416 cervical cancer deaths had been pronounced the world over in 2015, that is the eight in step with cent of the overall deaths because of cancers altogether. the peak age of occurrence of cervical most cancers is 55-fifty nine years, and a enormous percentage of ladies record within the past due ranges…

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