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How technology is helping Assam’s rural children learn better

Arifa, Afreen, and Shabana, class VIII students of Milan HS School in Banekutchi of Nalbari district, tied a plastic cover over a leaf of a small plant. The next day, observing the water droplets that had formed inside the cover, they learnt about the process of photosynthesis. Back in their classrooms, they found out from the internet how aquatic and desert plants survive and then prepared a multimedia presentation on photosynthesis of different types of plants. Kaveri Borthakur, their science teacher, says that project-based learning using technology has improved students’…

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Watch out for the signs: Learn how suicides can be averted

On July 20, it was declared that Chester Bennington, frontman of the popular band Linkin Park, committed suicide. On July 31, 14-year-old Mumbaiite Manpreet Singh committed suicide as part of an online game. In both cases — like most suicides — no one saw it coming. However, experts are of the opinion that raising awareness about depression, which leads to suicidal tendencies, can go a long way in preventing such cases. “Bennington was 41 and the teenager was only 14. These examples prove that the tendency to commit suicide can…

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Learn the ropes

Ropes aren’t new. Neither are battles. But battle-ropes workout is the new buzz New fitness regimens always require learning the ropes. This time, it is literally so. If you are a martial arts trainee or a footballer, you’d be familiar with battle-ropes training. Now the weighted battle ropes have moved into your regular gyms to up your fitness gains. Roping it in “Battle ropes offer full body strength training as well as cardio,” says fitness expert Vesna Pericevic Jacob. It was part of military training and thanks to the crossfit…

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