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5 Home Remedies for Blood Clot and Natural Treatment

Blood is the most important fuel required by the body as it helps in transporting nutrients to the cells and ensures smooth functioning of the system by supplying oxygen to various organs of the body. However, you may sometimes develop blood clots that can clog the arteries, further blocking the supply of nutrients to the vital organs. Blood clots are simply amalgamation of red blood cells that build up at the site of injury or due to a particular ailment. In some cases it can be healthy as it stops…

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Scientists solve blood clot deaths in cancer patients

New Zealand scientists have unlocked the mystery of why so many cancer patients die of blood clots while undergoing chemotherapy in a study. Chemotherapy stimulates release of tiny bubbles from the surface of cancer cells, causing the potentially fatal clots, said the study by University of Otago researchers that came out on Wednesday, Xinhua news reported. Most deaths from cancer were caused by uncontrolled growth of tumour in vital organs, but the second most common way that cancer kills is by triggering blood clotting resulting in thrombosis. The clots cause…

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