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Why Coconut Oil Might Not Be The Superfood That It’s Thought To Be!

Coconut oil has emerged as a trendy superfood in the recent years, with health freaks from all over the world embracing it with open arms. When it comes to nutritional benefits, the oil has more advocates than detractors. From giving you an ageless beauty to improving your dental and overall health, much has been said in praise of the ‘miraculous’ oil. However, does it deserve the ‘superfood’ status that we have accorded it? Or is coconut oil consumption yet another fad that has no clinical grounding to prove its benefits?…

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Coconut: the good oil?

It’s easy to assume that coconut oil is well-established as a ‘healthy’ oil, these days, so entrenched is it in the advice of wellness gurus on social media; in popular recipe books, and in ‘healthy’ recipes everywhere you look. It’s a great feat of marketing that coconut oil has achieved this status. I’ve seen claims (usually from people selling coconut oil) that it is anti-cancer; a great weight-loss tool and will encourage a healthy prostate. You name it – coconut oil will, apparently, fix it. It’s par for the course…

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