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Damaged salad contains Salmonella bacteria

A study suggests that damaged salad leaves, packed in plastic container, encourages growth of Salmonella bacteria. The study from the University of Leicester also found that juices released from damaged leaves also enhance the pathogen’s ability to attach to the salad’s plastic container. The research is published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, a journal of the American Society for Microbiology. In the study, salad juices in water–to mimic the grocery salad bag environment–more than doubled motility or movement of individual Salmonella bacteria, abetting salad leaf colonization. In the course of…

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Damaged Heart Tissues Could Be Reshaped by Jogging and Walking

Heart is one of the most important organs in the entire human body. It is actually a pump, composed of muscles which circulate blood throughout the body, beating approximately 72 times per minute. About the size of its owner’s clenched fist, the heart works continuously. It keeps all the body parts supplied with oxygen and nutrients, while clearing away harmful waste matter. The organ sits in the middle of the chest, behind the breastbone and between the lungs, in a moistened chamber that is protected all round by the rib…

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