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Car drivers are heavier than cyclists: Study

People who drive cars as their main form of transport are on average four kilos heavier than those who cycle, according to a study. The researchers studied how different forms of transport relate to levels of physical activity, and consequently people’s health. Researchers have so far monitored 11,000 volunteers in seven European cities, asking them how they move around the city, which mode of transport they use and how much time they spend travelling. The team also asked volunteers to record their height and weight, and to provide information about…

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Taxi Drivers Block Streets in Buenos Aires After Uber Launch

Uber, the smartphone app that connects riders and drivers, launched Tuesday in Buenos Aires without authorization, triggering protests by taxi drivers who blocked major avenues and snarled traffic. “The Uber smartphone app will be available as of 4:00 hours today Buenos Aires time, and can be downloaded at the App Store,” the San Francisco-based company said on Twitter. Although ride-hailing apps have risen rapidly to become a booming industry, they face stiff resistance from traditional taxis and bans over safety concerns and questions about legal issues including taxes. Taxi drivers…

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