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Blowing out candles drowns cake in germs

Blowing out candles drowns cake in germs (ThinkstockPhotos) The next time you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, make a wish for your good health as well because scientists have found that the popular tradition causes bacteria on the icing to increase by 1,400%. Researchers from Clemson University, US, examined the potential spread of bacteria when someone blows out candles on a cake. “The tradition of blowing out birthday candles has different theories as to its origin. Some theorise the practice began in Ancient Greece, and was related to bringing cakes…

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Public shipping, the hotspot of germs!

A current have a look at shows that taxis, condo vehicles and experience-hailing motors are full of germs. The file reflects similar findings in recent years, which display how means of public transportation , normally buses and trains, can be hotspots of bacteria . A check crew from an internet coverage assessment website online took samples from seat belts, door handles and window buttons on taxis and trip-hailed automobiles. It checked the steering wheel, equipment shift and seat belts in random condominium cars in South Florida. Testers expected taxis to…

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Germs may also purpose type 1 Diabetes: look at

Germs may also play a position in the development of type 1 diabetes through triggering the frame’s immune gadget to break the cells that produce insulin, new studies by a team from Cardiff college shows. Scientists have previously proven that killer T-cells, a sort of white blood cell that commonly protects us from germs, play a major component in kind 1 diabetes by means of destroying insulin generating cells, referred to as beta cells. Now, the use of Diamond mild supply, the UK’s synchrotron science facility, to polish extreme exceptional…

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