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Older Adults Should Engage in Household Work to Keep the Heart Healthy

Staying active can take you a long way to good health. It is not without reason that doctors tell us to engage in physical activities and lead an active lifestyle. It has various beneficial effects on our body, aiding day-to-day functions as well as keeping diseases at bay. Elders too should keep active to not fall prey to health problems. Even walking or carrying out household chores can work wonders. According to a recent study by University of Pittsburgh, engaging in daily activities like making bed, doing the laundry, climbing…

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9 Super Benefits of Ajwain: The Multi-Talented Household Spice

A spice that every Indian household is all too familiar with and without which every dal tadka is incomplete, ajwain is derived from a herb plant that originated in our very own country. Ajwain seeds vary from being slightly olive green to brown in colour. All parts of this herb have a very strong scent hence it is also known as Ugragandha in Sanskrit. The seeds have a bitter and pungent flavour, somewhat like oregano, and because of its strong aromatic essence, it is often added to curries and pickles….

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