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The Real Paleo Diet Included More Plants Than We Thought

Photo: Getty Images What would a caveman eat? That’s the basic premise behind the Paleo diet, a nutritional regimen centered on the same foods that sustained our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The trouble is, we don’t know exactly what those foods were. But archeologists at a site in the northern Jordan Valley in Israel have uncovered new and surprising clues about the real Paleo diet: It turns out ancient humans feasted on a wide variety of plants along with their fish and meat. The researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar Ilan University identified 55 edible plant species that…

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Ayurveda Should be Included in Mainstream Medical Care: HP Governor

Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Devvrat today said keeping in view the increasing burden of existing and emerging diseases, and gaps in modern medicines, there was a dire need to include indigenous systems in mainstream medical care. “Ayurveda has identified congenital factors and is science of life. The role of this medicine in management of the disease had been limited to the minimum,” he said at the closing ceremony of the three-day State level Arogya Fair here. The fair was jointly organised by the State Ayurveda department, Ministry of AYSUH and…

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