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Labour reveals its $4 billion education plan

Labour will pour an extra $4 billion dollars into the education sector over the next four years if it’s voted into Government this election. It’s promising to pump $1.8 billion into the industry to deliver more teachers and resources, provide better professional development and help the sector meet rising costs. Labour leader Andrew Little said “After years of underfunding for education including a funding freeze there’s no question that the teaching profession, the schools, the education system is under pressure.” As part of the party’s education manifesto early childhood centres…

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Glucose may cut induced labour duration in childbirth

Administering glucosesupplements to women during childbirth, especially for the first birth, may shorten the labour time, researchers say. A prolonged labour, or a failure to progress, is a labour that takes more than 20 hours for first-time mothers and more than 14 hours for mothers who have given birth before. A prolonged labour is not only defined by the duration, it is regarded as prolonged but, when cervical dilation takes place at less than 1 centimetre per hour. Prolonged labour can be harmful to maternal and foetal health. According to…

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Easing Labour Pain May Reduce Postpartum Depression in Women

Easing pain during labour through administering epidural anesthesia is likely to decrease the likelihood of postpartum depression in some women, suggests a study. Epidural anesthesia is a regional anesthesia that blocks pain in a particular region of the body. The goal of an epidural is to provide analgesia, or pain relief, rather than anesthesia, which leads to total lack of feeling. The study found that certain women who experience good pain relief from epidural analgesia are less likely to exhibit depressive symptoms in the postpartum period. “Labour pain matters more…

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