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Prevent osteoarthritis before it knocks you down

Osteoarthritis sometimes also called the degenerative arthritis is a joint disease that mostly affects cartilage. It is the most common form of arthritis that develops gradually overtime causing joint pain and stiffness. It occurs around the neck, hands, knees, spine, lower back, hips and feet. There can be many factors like genetic, obesity, old age, joint injuries, certain occupations, bone deformities and sex that may increase the risk of the disease. Once occurred, it can’t be cured. Remedies may ease the symptoms. So it’s always better to prevent it before…

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Bad Posture Contributing to Osteoarthritis Among Youth

As the number of youth suffering from osteorthritis continues to surge globally, health experts on Wednesday said that wrong postures for long durations was the biggest contributor to the disease. According to them, the issue was important because scientifically no amount of exercise or therapy can undo the problems caused by hours of bad posture a day. “Maintaining a right posture is a serious health business; so much so that a bad posture can ultimately result in serious morbidity. Right posture doesn’t simply mean sitting up straight. Posture refers to…

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