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Ford is setting up for an autonomous ride-hail and delivery business in Miami

An Argo AI-powered Ford vehicle driving down the streets of Miami. Ford Ford is laying the groundwork for its autonomous vehicle business in Miami, Fla. It’s a three-pronged approach that is still in its infancy, but includes a delivery pilot in partnership with Dominos and Postmates, testing self-driving cars around the city and setting up a fleet-management center. Many other companies in the self-driving space have begun testing both delivery and ride-hail services, but few have established dedicated fleet-management centers that will facilitate the maintenance and operation of these driverless vehicles….

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Hearing loss setting in early, caution doctors

Hearing loss setting in early, caution doctors (Mehmed Zelkovic/Getty Images) Modern-day living contributes immensely to hearing impairment, said doctors on the eve of International Week of the Deaf. Overuse of mobiles and earpods to medications to construction site noise, could all be contributing to the growing incidence of hearing loss. “One would expect hearing loss to set in after 45 years of age, but nowadays we get people in their early thirties with hearing loss,” said Dr Neelam Sathe from the ENT department of civic-run KEM Hospital, Parel. Presbycusis is…

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