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Salt, sugar and stress: Important facts you should know about these 3 sins

Do you often give in to the temptations of your taste buds? Indulging in that extra slice of cake, another piece of sweet, sprinkling extra salt over your food can seem completely harmless at that time but can eventually lead to various health issues. “Lack of self control and poor lifestyle choices make us more susceptible to various life-threatening diseases. Consumed in the hustle-bustle of everyday life we hardly pay attention to our health. The pressure of maintaining balance between work, family and friends can take a huge toll on…

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7 deadly skin sins

  How you age is not just a matter of your genes. Your skin is pretty much a reflection of your lifestyle, which, in turn, is all about how you eat, drink and live. If you are moaning and groaning over why your skin is suddenly looking dull, lifeless, tired or just old, check if you haven’t committed one or more of the seven deadly skin sins. 1. Dehydration Are you getting enough water? Dehydration could be the reason why you look older than you are, and wrinkled. Lack of…

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