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Want to buy a house? Here’s how much to invest in SIPs to achieve your goal

Disclaimer: This story is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Financial goals are an integral part of investing money into various schemes. Setting aside a life or financial goal can often be motivational for higher investments. A call to Zee Business mutual fund helpline came from a 28 year old investor who has started an SIP in six funds. His dream is to buy a house after a period of seven year and will continue with his investments after that. For that he said he wanted a…

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Slow your sips

Do you find you’ve polished off your tipple before your drinking companion has got halfway through theirs? You may want to switch glasses for the next round. A study of 160 social drinkers found that being served beer in a straight glass, rather than a curved one, slowed drinking time by nearly 60 per cent. [“source-indiatimes”]

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