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Sodas, Pizzas and Other Junk Food May Put Kids at Liver Disease Risk

Junk food is deliciously addictive, there’s no denying that fact. Munching on wafers, masala snacks, toffees and candies could make you happy, but don’t just fall for the taste trap. They contain nothing but empty calories, and can cause harm to your health. The shocking truth is also that these junk food come laced with artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and what not that you can’t be certain of what you are putting into your mouth. Foods like pizzas and burgers do contain veggies, meat and other nutritious ingredients but try…

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Diet Sodas Might Not Raise Diabetes Risk

Drinking colas and other sugary drinks is tied to an increased risk of so-called pre-diabetes, a precursor to full-blown disease, but diet soda is not, a recent study suggests. Previous studies on the link between diet sodas and diabetes have been mixed; some research pointing to a potential connection has suggested this relationship may be explained at least in part by soda drinkers being overweight or obese. In the current study, however, adults who routinely consumed at least one can of soda or other sugar-sweetened beverages a day were 46…

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