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Karnataka Bhawan (Karnataka Food Centre): From Maharaja Thali to Bisibele Bath

The perks of living in the capital city is that whenever the urge to try different regional Indian cuisines kicks in, you can just head to one of the State Bhawan canteens or restaurants and enjoy a hearty meal. They are among the best places to savour traditional dishes and learn a great deal about the various regional cuisines. So after a ‘fulfilling’ experience at the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Bhawan Canteen (read here), which is considered as a food institution in Delhi, the following weekend we headed to the…

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Friends Union Joshi Club: Home-Style Gujarati Thali at its Best

  It’s not easy trying to find Friends Union Joshi Club – it’s tucked away on the first floor of a nondescript building in Narottam Wadi, situated in one of Kalbadevi’s busy warren of streets. If you’re coming to it from Crawford Market, it will fall to your right. My suggestion would be to turn on Google Maps; first-timers will need it. Nobody goes to Friends Union Joshi Club for its salubrious decor. There’s no fawning wait staff, or air conditioning. You won’t find fussy foods, frills and fripperies. What…

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