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Karnataka Bhawan (Karnataka Food Centre): From Maharaja Thali to Bisibele Bath

The perks of living in the capital city is that whenever the urge to try different regional Indian cuisines kicks in, you can just head to one of the State Bhawan canteens or restaurants and enjoy a hearty meal. They are among the best places to savour traditional dishes and learn a great deal about the various regional cuisines. So after a ‘fulfilling’ experience at the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Bhawan Canteen (read here), which is considered as a food institution in Delhi, the following weekend we headed to the…

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Nature heals, entices: Kerala’s Bekal and Madikeri in Karnataka are simply beautiful

Bottle up the deafening sound of honking cars in cities and throw it in the calm backwaters as you cross endless tall coconut trees in the untouched north Kerala town of Bekal. Wish to further surrender to nature? Drive down from the beach destination to the Madikeri hill station in Karnataka, and soak in the green of the low hills. It used to be a task to reach Bekal and laze around on a less crowded beach while sipping fresh nutritious coconut water. Since the introduction of a daily service…

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Karnataka Bank clerk exam 2017 results declared, check them here

Karnataka Bank has declared the results of online exam for the recruitment of clerks. Karnataka Bank has declared the results of online exam for the recruitment of clerks to be positioned at its branches/offices across India. The examination was held on February 19, 2017. Candidates who have cleared the online test will be called for an interview. The selected candidates will be appointed on probationary period of six months. On satisfactory completion of the probationary period, they will be confirmed. Selected candidates should execute a bond to work for a…

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