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Nature heals, entices: Kerala’s Bekal and Madikeri in Karnataka are simply beautiful

Bottle up the deafening sound of honking cars in cities and throw it in the calm backwaters as you cross endless tall coconut trees in the untouched north Kerala town of Bekal. Wish to further surrender to nature? Drive down from the beach destination to the Madikeri hill station in Karnataka, and soak in the green of the low hills. It used to be a task to reach Bekal and laze around on a less crowded beach while sipping fresh nutritious coconut water. Since the introduction of a daily service…

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Yoga for Concentration: 5 Asanas That Simply Do Wonders

We all know about the amazing health benefits of Yoga, but the greatest thing amongst all is that Yoga works on changing our internal make-up. According to a recent study conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, practicing yoga daily for 20 minutes can improve brain function and actually focus better on the task at hand. In the study, 30 people performed two tasks involving identifying shapes on a computer screen, and found that yoga helped the subjects perform better in comparison to aerobic exercises or no exercise…

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