Thin And Healthy Kerala Banana Chips To Woo Western Consumers

Thin And Healthy Kerala Banana Chips To Woo Western Consumers Banana chips also known as  plantain chips are usually found in Indonesia and India. this anytime  popular Kerala snack is also served as a side dish and is extensively made in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There are two varieties of banana chips ; fried Banana chips are made by deep-frying under ripe banana slices  in coconut oil or sunflower oil, these can be salted , spiced or sugar coated according to the markets demand. Dry banana chips can be produced using food dehydration. Dehydrated chips are brown, leathery and chewy. They are very sweet and have an intense banana flavor. These are ideally made from bananas that are fully ripe.

The best part about banana chips is that you get almost all the minerals and vitamins that are there in the fresh fruit, Banana chip contains Potassium which manages blood pressure level, 1-ounce of banana chips contain 2.2 grams of fiber which helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system also a four-ounce serving of banana chips contains 1.4 milligrams of iron used to form hemoglobin and myoglobin.

European and American food lovers will soon be treated to the popular Kerala banana chips snack launched by the Manjilas Group here on Monday. contrary to the available version of the same banana snacks which are available in fried five milimetre thickness, this newly launched ones will be paper thin chips of one mm thichness using less oil.

banana chips

The Thrissur-based group that markets its products under the brand name ‘Double Horse’ has a core business of rice and rice-based products.The company intends to use Kerala grown bananas only using modern equipment. The product was launched here by South Indian actress Shobhana, who is also the company’s brand ambassador. “We target the Western world as this is one market, where banana chips is not generally available . Already we supply our products to western countries and this new product is going to get an excellent response,” said company official Sunil P.Krishnan.

Packed in attractive three layer nitrogen sachets, the product will have a shelf life of a year and a 30 g packet will cost Rs 25. The ISO certified group began operations in 1959, the company today sells over two dozen varieties of rice, besides more than 100 rice-based and other products which reaches to more than 90 countries.


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