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71% of Consumers Watch Videos on Social Media to Laugh, Report Says

One of the great joys in life is laughter, and when it comes to consumers on social media, 71% said it is one of the reasons they watch videos. The 2018 Sprout Social Index report surveyed consumers and marketers to determine where in the funnel social marketing effort must be targeted. It is critically important to define this target because social media is no longer an optional marketing channel. For small businesses, mastering social marketing is even more relevant because it is an easy and affordable way to reach your target audience. Whether you…

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Thin And Healthy Kerala Banana Chips To Woo Western Consumers

 Banana chips also known as  plantain chips are usually found in Indonesia and India. this anytime  popular Kerala snack is also served as a side dish and is extensively made in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There are two varieties of banana chips ; fried Banana chips are made by deep-frying under ripe banana slices  in coconut oil or sunflower oil, these can be salted , spiced or sugar coated according to the markets demand. Dry banana chips can be produced using food dehydration. Dehydrated chips are brown, leathery and chewy….

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