Top 8 radiation sources at your home

FILE - In this June 19, 2017 file photo, a person works on a laptop in North Andover, Mass. Mexican authorities say the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has instituted heightened security measures for laptops and tablets on U.S.-bound flights from Mexico, starting Wednesday, July 19, 2017.Photo/Elise Amendola, File)
That tower, outside your home should concern you and rightly so. But did you ever stop to fret about the radiation from your cellphone or WiFi or Stabilizer or even from your electric shaver?

As much as Internet and telecommunication have become the part of our modern lives, Cell towers have become a feature of city skylines. The profusion of cellular technology and cell towers have caused a concern on the health impact of radiation of humans. Even as cell phone towers are the most visible sources of radiation – there are greater issues and sources of radiation in our homes, offices, and other life spaces that we are unaware of and are blind-sided to.

Look around yourself and make a note of the number of wireless, technology and electronics devices, products around yourself. Close your eyes and think of your mother’s time – how many of these devices would have been there in her time. Your grandmother? In 3 generations – the world has changed for the better and the worse. These devices emit radiation (of different intensities) most of which is not very healthy. With the advent of 24*7 hyper connectivity, IoT, Smart homes, Home automation, our exposure to such radiation is only going to compound manifold.Depending upon our lifestyles and habits, we have multiplied our ElectroMagnetic (EMF) Radiation exposures from 100X (hundred-fold) to 10,00,000X (million-fold).

Any device running on electricity generates an Electro-Magnetic field (EMF) around itself. Prolonged exposure to any such EMF is associated as a health risk. Epidemiological research has consistently associated high EMF with health effects (including cancer). These health risks include Autism in children, enhanced risks of Parkinson’s and Alzhemier’s; and infertility in adults. While the evidence linking EMF radiation to these health hazards is scratchy and not well formed, a precautionary approach will be prudent. The risk from EMF is compounded by the fact that it is invisible and insensible.

Here’s a list of the top 8 EMF radiation sources at your home. Check yourself on these device EMF parameters.

1. Cellphone

A mobile phone is the most personal device ever, and incidentally, a mini-microwave that you are carrying around.
Risk Profile: Radiation from a mobile phone increases exponentially in low coverage areas, or shadow zones. The biggest risk is the proximity of a mobile phone – it radiates at close quarters to the brain.
Hack : Use an earpiece. It helps negate upto 98% of cell phone radiation

2. WiFi

While we have problems with cell towers outside, ironically, we are at ease with a mini cell tower in home. A WiFi after-all is a mini cell tower.
Risk Profile: WiFis are seldom switched off. Therefore we have a low din- consistent and perpetual radiation exposure.
Hack : Switch it off when not in use. Try using Wired internet wherever possible.

3. Stabilizer/Inverter

These “purchase and forget” appliances are the highest sources of in-premise EMF. The older these appliances, the greater the EMF.
Risk Profile: These devices co-habit living spaces and create high EMF even at 3-5 feet distances. Do you have a stabilizer in your bedroom? Spending long hours in your day beside these appliances and that is a key risk.
Hack : Remove stabilizer from your bedroom. Relocate inverter to any covered area outside home.

4. Old electric circuitry

EMF from electrical circuitry inside old constructions and houses can create a consistent EMF.
Risk Profile: EMF from electrical sources is stubborn and consistent. By nature residents have 24*7 exposures.
Hack : Extremely difficult to do away with. Old wiring needs to be changed with new one.

5. Electric Shaver, Hair Dryer

These personal devices have an extremely localized EMF and are more prone to create damage due to proximity during-use.
Risk Profile: High EMF at proximity points. The tip/nozzle of these appliances can generate upto 70/100mG EMF.
Hack : Use sparingly. If using the hair dryer – maintain atleast 1 feet distance between the head and the nozzle.

6. Power distribution equipment outside your home

Most of our cities and colonies/RWAs have archaic power distribution equipment. Such Infrastructure has very high EMF and flout norms of public safety otherwise as well.
Risk Profile: As with old electric circuitry at home, old power distribution equipments (HT lines, transformers) are extremely stubborn EMF sources. The EMF could be significantly high as well and are perpetual in nature.
Hack : Maintain a minimum distance of separation of 50-100 feet from such sources.

7. Laptops

A laptop carries both radiation as well as EMF profile.
Risk Profile: The underside of a laptop has a very high EMF exposure at point of contact and high proximities and can be harmful for adult fertility
Hack : Use a laptop radiation shield to reduce exposure to device radiation from laptops.

8. Microwave Ovens

Even if Microwave ovens are “sealed” for radiation, they still leak heavy radiation through their gaskets and front sides. As they become older, they leak more radiation.
Risk Profile: An operational microwave is a key risk to the person working in the kitchen.
Hack : Do not use a microwave for long periods and do not use it when any person is in its vicinity. Use a Microwave radiation shield.

There are others as well such as your Air-conditioner, Electric Chimney, Old TV or refrigerator that are also worth a mention. Independent assessments establish higher in-premise risk from domestic appliances, personal computing and communication devices and electrical networks. Most of the times, the risk is within. Look around!


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