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Top 8 radiation sources at your home

That tower, outside your home should concern you and rightly so. But did you ever stop to fret about theĀ radiationĀ from your cellphone or WiFi or Stabilizer or even from your electric shaver? As much as Internet and telecommunication have become the part of our modern lives, Cell towers have become a feature of city skylines. The profusion of cellular technology and cell towers have caused a concern on the health impact of radiation of humans. Even as cell phone towers are the most visible sources of radiation – there are…

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Radiation from mobile towers not harmful

Allaying fears of radiation from mobile towers, a senior Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) official on Wednesday said that the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation had not been proved. At a customer outreachprogramme , Sunil Bajpai, principal adviser to TRAI, said people were scared of harmful effects of radiation from cellphone towers. However, it has not been established that electromagnetic field radiation from mobile towers causes any harm to humans. While there are several studies on the adverse impact of radiation on people, little research was done on…

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Novel device lets in three-D imaging of breast with much less radiation

Researchers have located a new device that allows for 3-D molecular breast pics at better resolution than contemporary 2-D scans whilst reducing down the radiation dosages. the new tool known as variable attitude slant hollow collimator or VASH collimator replaces a aspect in current molecular breast imagers. The findings showed that the VASH collimator may also allow existing breast cancer imagers to offer up to 6 times higher contrast of tumours in the breast even as keeping the same or better photograph first-rate. similarly, the device may even gift the…

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