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Virtual reality, treadmill training may prevent falls in elderly

Virtual reality, treadmill training may prevent falls in elderly (Getty Images) Combining virtual reality and treadmill training is likely to help prevent falls in older adults better than treadmill training alone, suggests a research. The intervention, which combines the physical and cognitive aspects of walking, consists of a camera that captures the movement of participants’ feet and projects it onto a screen in front of the treadmill, so that participants may ‘see’ their feet walking on the screen in real time. “Our approach combines treadmill exercise and virtual reality to…

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Can Fish ‘Prasadam’ in reality be a treatment to bronchial asthma?

Fish ‘prasadam’, which is assumed to treatment allergies, turned into on Wednesday administered to lots of patients who came right here from diverse elements of the country.contributors of Bathini Goud circle of relatives have been administering the fish stuffed with a natural paste — reportedly believed to be a cure for allergies and other respiratory ailments. the medicine, which the own family has been distributing for 160 years, consists of a yellow natural paste, the elements of that have remained a circle of relatives secret. The paste is first stuffed…

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Augmented Reality Mapping Out Tech’s Next Mind-Bending Trip

Virtual reality is a trip, but an even wilder ride could be around the corner as mind-bending startups and technology trendsetters try to emblazon the world with interactive holograms that enlighten, entertain and empower us. The concept, known as augmented reality, looks like something out of a science-fiction movie. Think Tony Stark, the comic-book character who scans information-filled holograms beamed in front of his “Iron Man” mask, or John Anderton, the character that Tom Cruise played while flipping through digital screens floating in the air in “Minority Report.” It hasn’t…

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