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How to Make Your Hair Soft: 5 Natural Ways

Dry, frizzy hair can be one of your worst nightmares. We know how hard it can be to battle brittle hair or even think about stepping out on a bad hair day but not anymore. Regular hair-drying, pollution or over exposure to the sun, these are just some of the reasons that can make your hair dry. Besides this, some people may have naturally dry hair. The first step to bring back your hair’s shine and moisture is to identify the cause and then work to repair the damage.The hair…

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How to Get Soft, Red & Gorgeous Lips: Home-Made Scrub, Lip Balm & More

Just like a bad haircut, flaky or dark lips can make or break your look. They’re seemingly obvious and can’t be concealed, no matter how hard you try; 20 dollar lipsticks, store-bought lip balms, you can try them all but eventually the real deal will give way. There could be many reasons why your lips could transition to being dull and dark: too much caffeine, UV rays, unexpected allergies, smoking, caffeine and hormonal imbalances. Once you identify the lifestyle change, you can work on treating your lips, armed with a…

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Android N Beta Program OTA ‘Soft Bricking’ Some Nexus Devices; Fix Available

Google last week released the Android N Developer Preview earlier than expected offering developers a look at the new features of the upcoming Android build. The Mountain View giant also announced Android Beta Program which will allow users to test the new version, and receive new builds as an OTA update. Some Nexus users are reporting that after trying to install the over-the-air (OTA) update, they were unable to boot their devices. Several users took to Nexus Help Form and AOSP Issue Tracker to report the issue. One of the…

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