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Just What Tesla Doesn’t Need – Mazda’s New Internal Combustion Engine Technology

Tesla might not be all that happy about this and the various governments that are insisting upon electric only vehicles for the future might also regret that decision–Mazda has just announced a breakthrough in internal combustion engine technology. This is great for consumers of course as more choice is good as we get to pick and choose from among the various offerings to find something that more closely meets our needs and desires. But there’s also a larger economic point here which is that we just don’t know what is…

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak on Cook, FBI, Tesla, and His Life

Steve Wozniak, known to the world at large for being the co-founder of Apple, took to user-curated social news website Reddit on Wednesday night to answer any questions people had for him, in what is described in Internet speak as an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Among dozens of responses, Wozniak spoke highly of Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook, pointing out how the company was continuing to make hardware and software that made a difference in people’s lives. And in what can be construed as something Steve Jobs wasn’t every forthcoming…

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