5 Easy Tips and Quick Fixes To Save Cooking Disasters

5 Easy Tips and Quick Fixes To Save Cooking Disasters

Love cooking? But has your last experience of a super salty curry or a burnt cake made you doubtful of donning the apron again? Let us tell you a secret. Even the most celebrated chefs make mistakes except that they know how to save their dish too. There will be days when an extra teaspoon of red chilly can ruin your dish but a good cook is one who has some smart hacks up his sleeves. It is easy to rectify a mistake, if you know what to do. Keep this easy tricks and quick fixes handy to save your dish from becoming a cooking disaster.

1.The Dish Is Too Spicy

One of the most common mishaps, perhaps, occurs while using red chillies. If your dish has become too spicy, you can add add cream, yoghurt or milk to neutralize it. Dairy is the best neutralizer for over spicy food. Chilies contain capsaicin, the substance that gives the characteristic fiery taste. Milk or dairy products, on the other hand, contain casein, a compound which bonds with capsaicin and helps dissipate the effect of chilli.

spicy food 625

Dairy is the best neutralizer for over spicy food.

2.The Dish Is Too Salty

The salt proportion of the dish is perhaps what makes or break the deal, and the ultimate deal breaker is too much salt. If your curry, or stew is saltier than what you’d expected, the traditional remedy is to add cubed potatoes. The starch in the potato spud acts as a sponge and absorbs all the excess salt. Alternatively, you can also add more ingredients like rice, pasta or veggies in the stew to share the load. At times, a little bit of vinegar or sugar can also cancel out the saltiness depending upon the excess salt content of the dish.

andhra chicken curry

If the dish is too salty potatoes may save the day for you

3.Over-beating Your Egg-Whites

Did you end up beating the egg whites to a point of them separating into dry curdled clumps? Worry not. Just add another unbeaten white, one for every two over-whisked whites, and you are back to the silky and smooth consistency.

egg whites

Over beaten egg whites can be fixed by adding extra unbeaten egg whites

4.Greasy Curry

No one likes a thick layer of oil floating on the top of your curries and sauces. Not only is it unhealthy, but it makes the dish look unappetizing too. Here’s an easy quick fix that can come in handy. Take a few ice cubes and stir them in the curry. After sometime you will see the fat sticking to the ice cubes. However, this fix requires you to be very quick. You’ll have to remove the cubes before they melt. You can also put some ice cubes in a cloth and hold it in the sauce. You’ll find the grease hardening around the cloth, which can easily be lifted out later. Remember to heat the dish again and make adjustments with the seasonings.


5.Preventing your rice grains from sticking together

Don’t like your rice sticky and mushy? Place a slice of bread on top of the rice bowl after it has been cooked. The bread tends to suck up all the moisture.

fried rice

With these smart tips you can be the star of the kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Pull out that pan and get going already.


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