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5 Easy Tips and Quick Fixes To Save Cooking Disasters

Love cooking? But has your last experience of a super salty curry or a burnt cake made you doubtful of donning the apron again? Let us tell you a secret. Even the most celebrated chefs make mistakes except that they know how to save their dish too. There will be days when an extra teaspoon of red chilly can ruin your dish but a good cook is one who has some smart hacks up his sleeves. It is easy to rectify a mistake, if you know what to do. Keep…

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To Curb Deaths From Disasters, End Poverty – U.N. Chief

Ending extreme poverty is essential to save lives and limit damage from disasters, U.N. chief Ban Ki-Moon said, as figures revealed poorer nations bear the brunt of deaths from earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, storms and heat waves. An analysis of more than 7,000 disasters over the past two decades, in which 1.35 million people died, showed 90 percent of those deaths occurred in low and middle-income countries. Ban called it “a damning indictment of inequality”. The impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti, which suffered a devastating earthquake in 2010, lost more lives…

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