5 Smart Tips on How to Get Rid of Workplace Stress

5 Smart Tips on How to Get Rid of Workplace StressYou recently joined a new organisation. What must have attracted you to accept the offer is the paycheck and attractive incentives apart from the role itself. Enticing amenities at your workplace must have caught your eye, but once you joined the organization, you realized there is no way you can cope with the stress. It has come as an undesired package deal with your offer letter. With stringent competition and work pressure, you’re unable to enjoy any of the benefits offered to you and you’re always stressed out. In order to notch up record profits and improve sales, you have to work extra hours and often give up on your weekends. The stress levels are sometimes so high that you may have unknowingly experienced symptoms of a mental disorder too.Most cases of mental disorders from the workforce are people who shifted jobs at middle to senior levels. Some of the causes of mental problems at the workplace are – competition, office culture politics, existing cliques in office i.e. power structures and powerful people within organization that do not allow a new officer to penetrate the inner circles, high expectations when one joins, the job description often doesn’t match what one is expected to do and this disconnect causes one to really suffer social penetration. It takes time to bond with colleagues and as we are social beings, initially it gets tough to feel “out of the group”. The pressure, deadlines and the clock ticking are enough to keep executives awake at nights and this can cause or lead to depression or anxiety.

Here are some easy but effective ways to deal with workplace stress:

1. Take Small Breaks

You are new at the job and you have to serve the probation period. This is the most crucial phase to prove your mettle at work while you are dealing with the inherent stress of adjusting to the new surroundings. Notwithstanding the need to prove your value to the organization, it is not necessary to transform into a blind workhorse. Beat the stress with regular breaks and interact with your co-workers. Try to engage in informal conversations or find out about the nearest hang-out spots to let your colleagues know that you also live by the adage ‘work hard, party harder.’

2. Accept Politics and Learn to Live With it

Every organization has an underlying complex matrix of individual relationships, known commonly as ‘office politics.’ As a newcomer, it is ideal to stay away from any kind of workplace politics. Engaging in healthy competition that helps you work better without hampering inter-personal relations is the desired path. Build strong relationships with co-workers and learn to function as a team player. In this way, you will emerge as a friendly figure without offending anyone.

office politics

3. Think Positive to Overcome Fear

Being fearful of making mistakes in a new organization is natural, but too much of apprehension will only kill any motivation to achieve goals. Excessive fear or perfectionism will inadvertently lead to failed deadlines and slow work progress. Stay calm, learn to accept mistakes and have faith in yourself. Think positively, which will help you to overcome any kind of fear.

think positive

4. Take the Lead and Initiate Conversations

The initial days at work may be tough for you as you may feel left out or isolated at work. However, the best way to avoid feeling like that is to initiate small conversations and break the silence. You can start by greeting good morning and then have ice-breaking conversations. Gradually, talks can veer towards clarifying doubts or just random discussions. This will work wonders to keep the atmosphere around you fresh, light and friendly.

5. Talk it Out with the Management

Every organization has rules and regulations that each employee has to follow stringently. Even if you do not agree to certain conditions, you cannot ask to be treated differently or ignore the stipulated norms. In case however, there are certain conditions or an element in the work environment that is bothering you immensely, it is better to discuss it with the management, who will help you in trying to find out viable alternatives.


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