7 subtle signs which show your mental health is getting worse again

When it comes to battling mental health conditions, a lot of people try to put up a facade for as long as they can take it. While it is a personal choice to put on a brave face when your mental health is in shambles, there are certain, subtle signs that can actually tell the truth.
With mental health issues, we all have our good days and bad days, but some days can be really unforgiving. Those are the days when you don’t even have enough courage or strength to get up from the bed and make it to the washroom, but you soldier on and carry on your regular life.

But even when you are trying really hard to pretend like the world is not collapsing under your feet, there are some things that actually give away your true mental status. A Twitter user posted a similar question to her followers. Here’s what she said:

“what’s the one thing that betrays the true status of your mental health even when you’re managing to keep up appearances in all other areas of your life? for me, it’s the amount of dishes in my sink”


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