7 Tips You Must Remember to Order and Drink Whisky Like a Pro

7 Tips You Must Remember to Order and Drink Whisky Like a Pro

This golden liquid is a favourite at bars. On-the-rocks, with chilled water or a splash of soda – everyone has their own preferences, but the art of drinking whisky can be tricky. On World Whisky Day which is celebrated every year on the third Saturday in the month of May (this year it falls on 20th May, 2017), we’ve got you some great tips to drink and enjoy whisky like a pro. Here are some of the first few things that every aspiring malthead should learn.

1. Know your whisky or shall we say whiskey? Whisky is made in Scotland which is also known as Scotch. The Americans call it Whiskey with an ‘e’. The difference in the spellings is because of the translation of the word from Scottish to Irish form.

2. Cocktails are a great dimension to whisky and a perfect starting point for beginners. They also open you up to typically tasting bourbons.

3. Understand the types of whisky – single malts, single cask and blends. Single malts are those that are mixed ans distilled at the same distillery. Single cask whisky is bottled entirely from a single cask and blended whiskies are made by blending whiskies of the same type.


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4. Try many different blends, brands and types – it takes time to find the one that suits your palate. Also, take your time to learn and appreciate the notes of whisky. For a beginner, whisky can feel like an acquired taste. Choose from peaty and smoky, fruity and floral, rich and robust types of whiskies and you will find your favourite.

5. Everyone has their own “right way” to drink whisky. While for some connoisseurs it is sacrilege to add water or ice, others recommend a dash of chilled water to really open up the drink. Just a few drops can open up aromas and soften a dram.


6. Swirl the snifter by your nose to get a whiff. Then, put the glass to your face and leave your mouth open as you sniff – you get more of the aroma that way. Now, take a sip and chew the scotch to let the flavor really hit you.

7.  Older is not necessarily better – age is just a number when it comes to whisky.

Keep these tips handy the next time you’re out partying with your friends and you’ll be able to easily impress them.


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