Android N’s Freeform Windows Mode Spotted in Screenshots

Android N's Freeform Windows Mode Spotted in Screenshots

Google released the Android N Developer Preview earlier this month in an attempt to offer developers a look at the new features of the upcoming Android build. The company also announced Android Beta Program which allowed users to test the new version, and receive new builds as an OTA update.

One of the biggest highlights in the latest Android N build was multi-window support. It seems that the multi-window support is not the only feature as a screenshot claimed to be from Android N hints at a freeform window mode as well as support for a mouse pointing device.

Ars Technica with a little help from developer Zhuowei Zhang enabled freeform windows mode in the Android N build which allows the OS to run desktop-style floating windows. In a screenshot, Ron Amadeo from Ars Technica shows the Android home screen with apps in various sizes in a window view. The report adds that the floating apps show up on hitting the Recent Apps button. The screenshot shared in the report shows the Calculator app alongside a browser and a third-app, all sporting a different sizes. The apps come with a close button as well as offer resize option which can be done by dragging the tile bar or resize apps horizontally or vertically. The report says that the feature works on Android N running smartphones as well as tablets.

Last week, Google started rolling out its first Android N update for Nexus devices enrolled in the Android Beta Program. The release was available to the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 9 users, and included fixes for performance issues.

Google recently started asking people what Android N should be named via its Google Opinion Rewards app. The move was in line with what Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed in December during his India visit, saying the company may use an online poll to name the next version of Android.


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