How to Cleanse Out Your Diet: Foods You Should Eat This Spring Season

How to Cleanse Out Your Diet: Foods You Should Eat This Spring SeasonSpring is the time when the earth comes alive; abundance of sunlight brings life to the surface. Spring is the time of re-birth, the time for opening windows and cleaning the house. Let us just say, the dietary rules for spring are just like house cleaning.

Yes, this is the time of the year, when your body really wants to detox naturally. Spring is the time when the liver and gallbladder present themselves for an annual service. The flavor most often associated with this season is the sour taste, and the relevant vegetables are fresh new-growth greens. These foods promote gentle cleansing of the liver.
Spring is the Time to Lose Weight

This is the best time to kick start weight loss and lighten the energy of the body. Nature shows us what is needed:

Include Raw and Fresh Greens in Your Diet: The intake of green leaves and raw foods which relax the body is most beneficial. Since winter foods are likely to have more fats and proteins, the use of raw foods and sprouts, along with a lighter approach to cooking, allows the body to release stagnation.


Eat Fermented Foods: A teaspoon of lemon juice or a few drops of ginger juice added to your water in the morning for a week or two is a good digestive aid to kick off the spring cleaning. Introducing more sour and fermented foods in your cooking, such as lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar (Organic variety) and garnishes with a mild hot taste (e.g. spring onions or radish), is helpful.

apple cider vinegar

Green Juice (A Spring Must): Drinks made from juice of a variety of green vegetables have a rejuvenating effect on the body because they are rich in chlorophyll (the life blood of the plant). They help to purify the blood, build red blood cells, detoxify the body and provide fast energy. Easy to absorb and filled with anti-oxidants. Green juice provides all the healthful ingredients in a form that is easy to digest, because the micronutrients are broken down.

green juice

Millet (The Grain for Spring): Millet or our Indian bajra is one of the best kept secrets of our ancestors. Gluten free millet is the most versatile, alkaline grain. Its delicious nutty flavor makes it very easily digestible for spring, when the body is trying to get rid of excess. Try eating bajra rotis or simply cook up a creamy stew or you can pan roast it to make it fluffy and light, enhancing and supporting the other flavors in the dish.


Spend Time Outside: We all need to feel that release of energy that spring represents. As you increase your exercise, you will find that your body releases tension and that stretching comes easier. Yoga and power walking is a great way to give your metabolism a boost.

The spring menu is aimed at lightening the load and bringing about flexibility. It is also designed to relax the liver and help discharge fats and salts from the system. Anyone who has eaten a diet heavy in meats, fats and sugar may greatly benefit following the spring guidelines at any time of the year until they feel that their body has found a new and healthy balance.

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