Dieting? 9 Desserts You Can Still Have

Dieting? 9 Desserts You Can Still Have

Desserts and sweetmeats are often amongst the first ones to be ruled out when you start dieting, making the decision to diet tougher than it actually is. Giving up on sweet treats can make your weight loss journey a grumpy one. But what if we were to tell you that you can still have your share of indulgence while sticking to your diet?  Yes, you heard us! According to Bangalore-based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood, “You can have certain desserts when you are on a diet. Dieting doesn’t mean that you have to cut outyour favourite foods completely. As a dietician, I let my clients have desserts because I balance out their meals and calories that way. While restricting your carbohydrate and fat intake on a diet, you may often crave sugar as your body needs energy and it may not be getting enough. To fill this energy deficit, I allow my clients to have a small  portion of their favourite dessert. For instance, chopped fruits with hung curd or yogurt, tastes brilliant when served chilled.”

Why too much sugar can ruin your diet


Sugars provide 4 Calories per gram, but no nutrients in return. All healthy foods provide essential nutrients and carry out important functions in the body. On the other hand, sugar is a source of empty calories with no nutritional value. Since it has no function to perform in your body, it gets accumulated in the fat cells and leads to weight gain. Sudden sugar spikes can also increase your blood sugar levels which can have a negative impact on your health. However, if consumed in moderation, sugar may not be as harmful. Replace refined sugar with healthysubstitutes like natural sugars found in fruits, jaggery, datesor honey. Sugar alternatives like castor sugar or coconut sugar are also good options.

Tips to add desserts to your weight-loss diet


Consultant Nutritionist Dr. Rupali Dutta shares some great tips that you must keep in mind while adding desserts to your diet and making sure you reach your goals effectively.


1. You can have cakes without cream or frosting. A slice of plain, sponge cake or a fruity tea cake should do.

2. Load up on fruits and its natural sugars to fight your sweet cravings. Any sort of a fruit crumble is a good option.

3. You can also try mixing  granola with fruits and honey to make a healthy dessert.

4. Use frozen sugar-free yogurt or skimmed milk to prepare desserts if you want to experiment with something new.

5. Ice lollies instead of ice-cream can prove to be a good choice. Watermelon, lychee or oranges, use any natural and seasonal fruit juice to make these popsicles.

6. If you’re craving for something desi, switch to Rasgulla instead of Gulab Jamun as the latter is deep fried. Similarly, pick lighter mithais that are made with nuts or may be a piece of Sandesh.
Here are few desserts that you can try at home and enjoy even if you are dieting, but don’t get carried away.


1. Jamun Mint Popsicles


User Recipe By Plavaneeta Borah

Blend the tarty summer fruit into an ice-y delight. Sprinkle some black salt or chat masala, and lick away your lolly  till your tongue’s purple.

jamun mint popsicles

2.Fresh Fruit Parfait

Recipe by Chef Nikhil and Natasha


Made with the goodness of fresh fruits, fruit juice, yogurtand nuts, this parfait is the perfect dessert to indulge in while you’re on a diet.


3.Gluten Free Chocolate Cake


User Recipe by Shalini Aggarwal


This gluten-free chocolate cake is made with almond flour, choco-chips and apples. It is wholesome and guilt-free.

flourless chocolate cake

4. Ragi Malpua


Recipe by Chef Seema Chandra

Here’s the Indian pancake dessert with a healthy twist. This recipe uses ragi flour, atta and oats, to give you  a wholesome and guilt-free experience. Dr. Rupali suggests, “Malpuas are usually deep fried, but you can make themon a  non-stick pan to steer clear of the excess oil intake.”

ragi malpua

5.Elaichi Granola Bar


Recipe By Chef Aditya Bal and Devanshi


A scrumptiously loaded bar of nuts, oats, honey and butter.Great to bite into whenever a sudden sweet craving hits you or you feel a dip in your energy levels.

granola bar

6.Oats Apple Crumble


Recipe By Chef Seema Chandra


A healthy and hearty dessert made with oats, apples and no flour. Packed with flavors of cinnamon, lemon and nutmeg, this delicious crumble is also quite satisfying.

oats apple crumble

Oats Apple Crumble|Photo Credit: Oats Apple Crumble

7.Sugar Free Granola


Recipe by Chef Seema Chandra


Served with the goodness of yoghurt, almonds, fresh fruits and honey, this bowl of oats offers a blast of flavours.

sugar free granola

sugar free granola|Photo Credit: sugar free granola

8. Bran Whole Wheat Muffins


Recipe by Chef Seema Chandra


Muffins on a diet? Yes, it is possible! Made with wheat bran, milk and apple sauce, give muffins a healthy spin.

muffin fruit

 9. Ragi Dark Chocolate Cake


User Recipe By Plavaneeta Borah


Waiting for your cheat day to binge on your favourite chocolate cake? No need. This healthy recipe combines the goodness of ragi with dark chocolate to give you a soft and moist delight.

ragi dark chocolate






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