How to ensure your hair color lasts long


Colored hair
Colored hair
Once you get your strands colored, it looks lovely doesn’t it? However, you have to remember that you have to make the color last long. Use include these protective measures in your daily activities to make it last longer.

Avoid shampooing the very next day
Try to wait for three days before you shampoo your hair after the color treatment. And if you cannot wait, just opt for a dry shampoo instead.

Conditioning helps hydrate your hair which has been exposed to chemicals during coloring. Ensure that you don’t skip conditioners and also check whether it is meant for your kind of hair.

Don’t use heat styling appliances
If your hair is recently colored, the heat can scorch your strands and make them appear fried. If you damage your hair cuticle there is a chance that it will absorb water and wash out the color.

Trim your hair regularly
For the hair color to catch at the ends, it needs regular trimming. It makes your hair look healthy, avoids split ends, and the color catches evenly everywhere.


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