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Peanut allergy treatment ‘lasts up to four years’

An oral treatment for peanut allergy is still effective four years after it was administered, a study has found. Children were given a probiotic, with a peanut protein, daily for 18 months. When tested one month later, 80% could tolerate peanuts without any allergic symptoms and after four years, 70% of them were still able to eat peanuts without suffering any side-effects. Food allergies have risen dramatically in recent decades, with peanut allergy one of the most deadly. Lead researcher Prof Mimi Tang, of Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne,…

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How to ensure your hair color lasts long

  Colored hair Once you get your strands colored, it looks lovely doesn’t it? However, you have to remember that you have to make the color last long. Use include these protective measures in your daily activities to make it last longer. Avoid shampooing the very next day Try to wait for three days before you shampoo your hair after the color treatment. And if you cannot wait, just opt for a dry shampoo instead. Conditioning helps hydrate your hair which has been exposed to chemicals during coloring. Ensure that…

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